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A short ode to the unsung heroes of Christmas, get your AA and AAA Batteries from Battery Group This Year.
In this blog post, we'll dive into the differences between Procell Constant and Procell Intense and explore the various scenarios where each excels.
Yes, it is possible for a car battery to die while you are driving, although it's relatively rare. Here are some scenarios in which this can happen:
Car battery chargers can be worth it, depending on your specific situation and needs. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether a car battery charger is a worthwhile investment:
The best type of battery for your boat depends on the specific requirements of your boat and how you intend to use it. There are several types of batteries commonly used in boats, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common types:
Have you got enough batteries in for Christmas Toys? Is your car battery in good health. Read our Christmas Battery Checklist and make sure you are ready for the festive period.
Are rechargeable batteries better than single use batteries? Which should I buy? Read on to find out which are better, the results may surprise you.
With the cost of living crisis affecting everyone, Battery Group has put together a list of money saving tips that will help you to save money and change some of your habits or a part of your lifestyle.
Learn how to safely charge a car battery and how long to let your car battery charge by following along.
Only in the presence of an auxiliary car is it possible to jump start the car. Any car is OK as long as it is roughly the same size as yours. It's crucial to use jumper cables to start the car without triggering a short circuit.
National Grid has warned that if gas supplies run extremely low this winter, British households could lose power for up to three hours at a time.
The DELTA 2 promises a longer life and the capacity to power the vast majority of typical household appliances.
The cost of living crisis is in at the forefront of our minds at present and with energy bills skyrocketing and little in the way of governmental support in the UK many households will be looking to shave money off bills wherever possible.
There's a simple answer to this question, read more to find out.
The EcoFlow Delta Pro is one of the most substantial portable power stations on the market, capable of powering a wide range of devices and equipment.
Ecoflow Delta Pro is now available in the UK and it costs £3,399 with free delivery.
As if all of that wasn’t already impressive enough, EcoFlow also says that the Delta is capable of recharging an electric vehicle, such as a Tesla. While that may be true, don’t expect any serious miracles here. With its 1800-watt output, the power station can add 3 to 5 miles of range to an electric vehicle. That may be enough to get you to the next charging station, but you won’t be cruising around at ludicrous speed or anything.
If you don’t take regular journeys in your car, you might find that your car’s battery is starting to lose charge faster than you are replenishing it. This can damage the lifecycle of the battery and eventually result in your car not starting.
All car owners know that an essential part of owning a car is keeping on top of maintenance. This will usually include making sure your coolant level is topped up, checking and changing your engine oil and keeping an eye on your brakes. But did you know that your car has a battery that needs to be looked after too?
If you have ever looked at purchasing a new battery for your vehicle, you’ll have probably noticed that there are a couple of different types. It’s always important to choose the correct battery for your vehicle, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to certain batteries.
If you have started to notice some issues with your vehicle and suspect your battery might be at fault, how do you diagnose it? Signs of a failing car battery can include trouble with the electronics, dimmed headlights and, of course, being unable to start your car.
You can easily jump start your vehicle if you need to get moving in a hurry. This requires you to connect your dead battery to a running car with jumper cables. This will give your battery the boost it needs to start your car.
Just as you would with a car, you’ll need to find the best marine battery to keep your boat running smoothly. With more and more electrical equipment needed on boats these days, finding a boat battery to handle it all can be tricky.
If you are wondering how to charge a car battery, or even how to charge a car battery at home, don’t worry, it’s not a difficult task. You can either charge it while it is still in the car or take it out.
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