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Warranty Information

The lifespan of a battery depends to a very large extent on its duration of use, the temperature and application for which it is intended. One of the most common causes of early battery failure is a state of insufficient charge. Over 80% of batteries fail due to insufficient charging.

Defects not covered by warranty (customer damage):

• Voltage less than 10.6v (battery fully discharged)
• Battery discharged, sulphated (alternator problem, electrical leakage, storage ...)
• Battery with electrolyte leaks, broken tank (dents, cracks, etc.)
• Broken or melted terminals, empty battery, or filled with a foreign liquid.
• Battery exploded, battery overcharged (charge or regulator problem)
• Failure to maintain the charge of the battery beyond a period of 2 years.

Defects covered by warranty (manufacturing defects):

• Battery with an internal short-circuit (voltage greater than 10.6v)
• Internal Break: - The battery will have good specific gravity but no voltage reading. Check for any physical
damage which may have caused an internal break.

If, after checking, your battery has more than 80% of its original capacity, it will not be replaced under the warranty
because it is considered perfectly functional.

Note: For any warranty request, please contact us by email on support@batterygroup.co.uk or by contacting us
directly on 01226885050. Our team will be happy to send you our warranty procedure. If you think you have more
than one defective battery, please first contact our technical team by phone at the number above.


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