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What can EcoFlow Delta Pro power?

What can EcoFlow Delta Pro power?

The EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station is an immensely flexible model, coming with a plentiful 11 ports and benefiting from a maximum power of 1800W.  It can be connected to 3 160W solar panels for flexible off-grid charging, or can be charged at home via a normal socket or via the cigarette lighter of a vehicle. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is one of the most substantial portable power stations on the market, capable of powering a wide range of devices and equipment.



This generator is capable of powering a 120W (AC) refrigerator – perfect for smaller fridges during a blackout – for 24 hours.


Nobody wants to stagger around in darkness and the EcoFlow Delta Pro will light your way for up to 337 hours if you are running a 10W DC lighting system, or 108 hours for an AC system.


Whether at home or on the road, everyone loves the convenience of a microwave. The Delta Pro can power a 1300W microwave for two and a half hours or around 25 microwaved baked potatoes!

Washing Machine

The EcoFlow Delta Pro will run your washing machine for an impressive 605 hours, which can represent roughly the same in number of washes depending on the model and cycle, helping to keep you in clean clothes during outages.


Whether you need your fix of Netflix, iPlayer, soaps, CBeebies for the kids or want to watch the football, the Delta Pro will power a 50” TV of 100W AC for up to 27 hours.

Coffee Maker

Coffee makers use a surprising amount of electricity, but who wants to wake up without the promise of a cup of coffee? Your EcoFlow generator will power a 1000W AC coffee maker for over three hours.


Mobile Phone

The average mobile phone takes 11Wh and the EcoFlow generator can charge such a phone an impressive 313 times.


With more of us working from home, or using a laptop instead of a TV, the laptop is a vital device for most of us and with the EcoFlow you can charge a 60Wh laptop 57 times.


Avid photographers will be able to charge their 16Wh camera (USB) an incredible 210 times.


Whether your a metal detectorist doing reconnaissance or an avid video maker or YouTuber there are many reasons for using a drone. The EcoFlow can charge a 40Wh drone 86 times.


Capable of powering a 500W blender for six and a half hours, you will be able to enjoy plenty of off-grid smoothies.

Car Mini fridge

The Delta Pro can power a 60W DC mini fridge for 57 hours. Great for keeping your beers, milk and essentials cold and fresh.


The EcoFlow Delta Pro also excels in a professional capacity, with some examples outlined below.

Circular Saw

The Delta Pro can be used to power a 1400W circular saw for over two hours.

Air conditioner

Working in hot conditions is no fun and the Delta Pro can ensure a blissful working temperature by powering an 1800W air conditioner for nearly two hours.

Electric hammer

Prevent fatigue and Repetitive Strain Injuries by using a 1260W electric hammer, which the Delta Pro can power for over two and a half hours.

Electric drill

Nobody should be without an electric drill and with the Delta Pro on hand you can power a 1080W electric drill for three hours.

Electric Chainsaw and other cutting machines

Whether it’s an electric chainsaw or a reciprocating saw you’ll be able to lop those branches or cut up that firewood for up to three hours using your EcoFlow Delta Pro.

Electric oven

The Delta Pro is capable of providing power for a 1650W electric oven for two hours. Perfect for baking trays of sweet potatoes or making a lasagna!

Electric Grill

With the Delta Pro you can power an 1150W electric grill for just under three hours – plenty of time for several cooked breakfasts.

Air fryer

Air fryers are all the rage and a Delta Pro can power a 1500W air fryer for over two hours.

One of the best things about the EcoFlow Delta Pro is its battery capacity. Before any upgrade it boasts a superb 3.6kWh. This can be boosted by adding Smart Extra Batteries. Two of these increases the battery power to a staggering 10.8kWh, with the maximum potential being 25kWh, which could provide enough power to keep your home going for 13 days (based on average home usage as of 2019).



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