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What Is an AGM Battery and What Are Its Advantages?

If you have ever looked at purchasing a new battery for your vehicle, you’ll have probably noticed that there are a couple of different types. It’s always important to choose the correct battery for your vehicle, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to certain batteries. 

If you are looking for a battery for something other than your car, an AGM battery might be the best choice to make. While the initial investment is higher than a traditional battery, the improved lifespan and performance quickly outweighs the cost. You can also read about knowing when your 12 volt battery is fully charged.

What Is an AGM Battery?

An Absorbent Glass Mat battery, also known as an AGM battery, works in a different way than a conventional battery, which gives it a few key advantages. If you are looking to replace the battery in your vehicle, it’s a good idea to check out this option.

The main difference between AGM batteries and conventional batteries is the way they hold their battery acid. Where a conventional battery contains a liquid electrolyte such as sulfuric acid that freely moves around inside the casing, an AGM battery is completely sealed and non spillable.

How Does an AGM Battery Work?

Inside AGM batteries, the positive and negative plates are both separated by an absorbent glass material that holds the battery’s acid. This is what stops the liquid from flowing inside the battery. These plates are kept in place and tightly compressed into cells which are held under pressure inside the plastic housing. 

When the battery is in use, the element compression allows for a longer lifespan and maximises the pulse power output for the best performance. There is also some relief for gasses to escape during charging with valves that open and close automatically. 

Advantages of AGM Batteries

The fact that an AGM battery is sealed and unspillable makes them perfect for vehicles that suffer from a lot of vibration or movement. They can also be mounted in any orientation on a vehicle, which is great if you are struggling to find a space for them. 

Another advantage of AGM batteries is that they hold their charge quite well. This means that if they are used in a vehicle that doesn’t see a lot of day to day use, they will likely still have enough charge to start the vehicle effortlessly. 

AGM batteries can provide superior power to help support vehicles with lots of electrical components, especially those that use start-stop technology. 

While an AGM battery is traditionally more expensive than conventional batteries, this is money well spent considering the advantages they hold. 

Most Common Uses for AGM Batteries

Because of their sealed nature, you’ll often want to choose an AGM battery for leisure or adventure vehicles such as ATVs, high-end cars. Even marine vehicles such as boats and jet-skis can use an AGM leisure battery.

With newer vehicles often having more and more complicated electronics, having a battery with enhanced performance is essential to keep them running smoothly. 

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