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Can EcoFlow charge a Tesla?

As if all of that wasn’t already impressive enough, EcoFlow also says that the Delta is capable of recharging an electric vehicle, such as a Tesla. While that may be true, don’t expect any serious miracles here. With its 1800-watt output, the power station can add 3 to 5 miles of range to an electric vehicle. That may be enough to get you to the next charging station, but you won’t be cruising around at ludicrous speed or anything.

Can an Ecoflow charge any electric car?

The Ecoflow DELTA pro is a portable home battery that powers high-wattage home appliances, acts as a backup generator, lowers electricity bills, and charges electric cars. ... The Ecoflow DELTA can be fully charged in 1.8 hours (if EV charging is used) to 2.7 hours (if charged using a wall outlet at home).


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