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100AH Dual Purpose Leisure Battery with Cyrix-ct Battery Combiner

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£119.00 100AH Dual Purpose Leisure Battery with Cyrix-ct Battery Combiner
  • 70060
  • 100 Ah
  • 24,01 kg
  • 330 mm
  • 172 mm
  • 238 mm
  • 800
  • Standard Wet Battery

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X-PRO M31-800 / XV31 / XV31MF X-PRO SPECIALITY BATTERIES have been developed to meet the...more

X-PRO M31-800 / XV31 / XV31MF

X-PRO SPECIALITY BATTERIES have been developed to meet the changing needs of vessels and applications requiring high output. It guarantees the cost cutting with the longer life span by consisting of corrosion resistant alloy and special active material. In addition, it is convenient because it provides the maximum storage span for the gap between each season and does not need maintenance. Enhanced the life span by adding special additives consolidating the crystal structure of active material. Guaranteed the user’s safety by adapting special structure of sealed cover. 

- Dual Purpose Plate(Starting & Deep Cycling) 
- Full Frame Grid (Punched Grid)Technology 
- Special (Thicker) Plate with High Density Active Material 
- Calcium + High Tin Alloy 
- Micro Fibre & New Special Tissue 
- Twin Terminal Anti-Vibration 
- Low Resistance Envelope Separator with Non-woven fabric 
- Hot Melt Glue & Reinforced container 

- Longer Life & High Cycle Stability 
- Longer life, stable starting power, and stronger durability 
- Flexible design for semi-traction (deep cycling) and starting 
- Compatibility with TOP and STUD Terminal 
- Corrosion Resistance due to repeated cycling improvements 

Strongly built to withstand the pounding and vibration of marine, 4WD and heavy vehicle application.

Not suited to vehicles with Smart alternators!

Brand: X-PRO
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 100
CCA: 800
Technology: Standard Wet Battery
Start-Stop: No
Length (mm): 330
Width (mm): 175
Height (mm inc. terminals): 242
Warranty: 4 Years
Terminal: Dual Terminal
Layout: 1
Holddown: B00
Size (L x W x H): 330 x 172 x 238

Information according to manufacturer. Subject to errors and changes.

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