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FAQ Hearing Aids

The most important questions about our high-quality replacement batteries for hearing aids

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Hearing Aids

Which battery fits into my hearing aid?

Check the old packaging for the number or colour. In total there are four sizes: 10 (yellow), 13 (orange), 312 (brown) and 675 (blue).


How long do the batteries last in the hearing aid?

Battery life is highly dependent on daily usage, amplifier power, and battery type.

Can I buy hearing aid batteries in stock?

Yes, store the batteries in a dry, dark, cool place. Please do not store the batteries for your hearing aid in the refrigerator! Do not remove the plastic strip until shortly before using.

Why do zinc-air hearing aid batteries have a sticker?

This battery uses air as an energy source. To avoid contact with the air, the sticker seals the battery air holes. The sticker must be removed before using.

How do I change my battery?

Remove the hearing aid from your ear and carefully open the battery compartment. Carefully remove the old battery and remember which terminal (+ or -) was pointed at you. Insert the new hearing aid battery and remove the foil. Finally, close the battery compartment and turn it on.

How do I dispose of my used hearing aid batteries?

Zinc air hearing aid batteries are classified as non-hazardous. However, we recommend that you dispose of the batteries at a local collection point.

Why was my battery life so short?

The life of a hearing aid battery is strongly dependent on its use. In most cases, these are not production errors, but rather, for example, the following.
● Environmental influences (e.g. humidity, temperature).
● The hearing aid was not switched off overnight or for a long time, although it was not used.
● The battery is stored in a warm environment, e.g. in a car standing in the blazing sun.
● Hearing habits have changed (longer usage time per day, higher noise level, new features of hearing aids are used).
● The hearing aid has been in use longer than usual, e.g. during a long film evening.
● The hearing aid is new / type or brand of hearing aid has changed.
● The new hearing aid has additional features that require more energy (e.g. streaming).


I need help choosing the right battery for my hearing aid

Use our free phone line or our contact form. We will be happy to help you choose the right battery.

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