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FAQ Boat & Marine

The most important questions about our high-quality replacement batteries for marine applications

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Boat & Marine

Which starter battery is right for my boat?

To choose the right starter battery, you should orientate yourself on the starter battery that has been installed so far. You will also find information about voltage, capacity and pole arrangement on the label. If you are unsure, refer to your user manual.

What is the difference between battery technologies?

● Acid: Inside the battery is liquid acid which should be refilled at regular intervals - this is usually the cheapest price variant. Most of lead acid batteries now come as sealed and maintenance free.
● AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat Technology): With AGM batteries the electrolyte (acid) is completely bound in a glass fibre fleece, therefore the batteries are leak proof - medium price variant.
● GEL: The acid in these batteries is thickened to a gel. Like the AGM battery, they are leak proof and extremely durable - high-quality price variant.

What is the difference between a starter battery and a utility battery?

Our powerful AGM starter batteries are used when starting the engine. They are then recharged during the journey. Utility batteries supply your on-board devices (refrigerator, lighting, navigation, etc.) while you are standing. The supply batteries can also be recharged either via solar cells or during the journey.

What is a Dual Battery?

Our dual batteries are both starter and utility batteries. The dual batteries are ideal for use in small boats. We recommend the use of a starter battery and one or more utility batteries.

How many utility batteries can I use?

Basically, you can adjust the quantity of your utility batteries to the available space. However, please bear in mind the weight limit of your boat. More information can be found in your user manual.

What is the delivery time of a battery?

Our batteries are packed and dispatched directly after your order by our automated packing line. The delivery time is between 1-3 days. If you need further information about your order, simply contact our service team or use the shipment tracking.

Can I return my old battery?

You can return the old battery to us in a shop. Alternatively, please dispose of the used battery at a recycling centre or scrap dealer.
Important: Ensure the respective company provides written confirmation about the disposal of the used battery.

How can I recharge the starter and utility batteries?

The starter battery is automatically recharged during a longer boat trip. If you wish to recharge the boat battery over a longer period of time, use a charger. If you have installed a solar system, the battery can also be charged while the boat is stationary.

How long does it take to fully charge my starter battery?

The starter battery is recharged by the alternator during the boat trip. The starter battery cannot usually be charged enough during frequent short distances. In order for your new starter battery to last longer, you should fully charge it with a longer boat trip or an optional charger. Alternatively, you can also install an additional solar cell.

How do I recognise the correct connection (pole arrangement)?

The easiest way is to use the data from your old battery. Or have a look at the instruction manual for your boat.

What voltage does my boat need?

Take a look at your existing starter battery. If you are unsure, refer to the boat instruction manual or ask the manufacturer.


What capacity do I need?


To choose the right capacity you should use your old battery as a template. If you are unsure, check your old battery or your boat manual.

What is the bottom rail of my boat battery?

Our experience shows that many boats do not have a bottom rail. On your old starter battery, check whether you need a bottom strip. Or take a look at your boat manual.

I need help choosing the right battery!

Use our free phone line or our contact form. We will be happy to help you choose the right battery.

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