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What Car Battery Do I Need? Make the Right Choice With Our Licence Plate Checker

One of the most important parts of owning your own vehicle is making sure it stays up and running. The worst thing to wake up to in the morning is a car with a flat battery - especially if you rely on it to get to work.   

If you can’t get your car to start, you might need to either charge your battery or even replace it. This leads to the main question we see asked, “what car battery do I need?”. While your manufacturer's handbook will tell you which battery your car needs, another great way to find out is to use our license plate checker. You can first check if you can start your car with a dead battery to be certain it needs to be replaced.

Find Your Car’s Battery Using Our Licence Plate Checker

It’s important to remember that not all car batteries are the same. Some batteries will last longer than others, and some will even perform better in those cold winter months. Batteries come in different shapes and sizes, voltages, and even have different locations for their terminals.

To find which car battery is best, you can use our simple license plate checker. Simply, type in your license plate and we’ll find a list of compatible batteries for your car. You’ll then be able to sort through these to find what is the best car battery for you.

Which Battery Charger Do I Need for My Car?

If you don’t need to replace your battery, that’s great. It’s well worth picking up a battery charger for your car in case of emergencies. If you make infrequent short trips or don’t often use your car, you may find yourself coming out to a flat car battery.

To help you choose which car battery charger to purchase, we have a wide range available on our website. The first step is to find which car battery charger you need using our license plate checker. This will make sure you find a compatible charger that suits which car battery you have.

Find the Best Battery for Your Car

To keep you driving happily, you’ll want to pick the best possible battery for your car. Thankfully, you won’t have to do a lot of research to come to a conclusion. Our license plate checker will help you find what car battery is best with a handy list of suitable batteries to choose from. Before making your final decision, there are a few key things to look out for.

If you’re planning to own your vehicle for a long time, a calcium battery could be worth looking into. These will start your car well over 30,000 times without fail. A lead battery, on the other hand, will last roughly 20,000 starts, but is the more affordable option.

You’ll also want to check the cold cranking amps (CCA) and ampere/hours (AH) each battery can provide. A battery with a high CCA rating will perform much better at starting your car when temperatures are low. If you live in a cold climate or have a car with a larger engine, this is an essential thing to consider.

Batteries with higher AHs will also be able to run your heated seats, car radio and any other electronics once your key is in the ignition for longer. If you are replacing the battery in your car, make sure you at least choose one with the same AH figure to keep things running smoothly.

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