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VARTA D24 Blue Dynamic 12V 60Ah 540A car battery 560 408 054


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VARTA D24 Blue Dynamic 12V 60Ah 540A car battery 560 408 054 The D24 is manufactured by...more

VARTA D24 Blue Dynamic 12V 60Ah 540A car battery 560 408 054

The D24 is manufactured by Varta. Batteries from the Blue Dynamic series can be installed in almost all cars and are among the best-selling car batteries in Europe. As original spare parts, they meet all the criteria of automobile manufacturers. The battery measures 242 x 175 x 190 mm and has a cold cranking current of 540 A.

Maintenance-free acid battery for your vehicle

The battery has a capacity of 60 Ah. The value indicates how much electrical charge the battery can store and deliver. As a rule, the higher the capacity, the higher the starting current. In the past, acid batteries had to be topped up with water. Nowadays this is no longer necessary: ​​the D24 is maintenance-free.

That means circuit and poles

Make sure that the wiring and polarity of your new Varta battery match the data of your old model. The circuit indicates where the positive terminal is on the battery. To do this, look at the battery from the front. Because the circuit of this battery is 0, the positive pole is on the right side.

Brand: Varta
Brand line: Blue Dynamic
Model: D24
UK Part Code: 027
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 60
CCA: 540
Product Type: Starter batteries
Technology: Standard Wet Battery
Start Stop Compatible: No
Length: 242
Width: 175
Height (inc terminals): 190
Warranty: 4 Years
Terminal: A-Terminal
Layout: 0
Holddown: B13
Size (L x W x H): 242 x 175 x 190
23 Sep 2021

Using on classic car

Using on classic car, so short journeys limiting charge times.

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23 Sep 2021

Using on classic car

Using on classic car, so short journeys limiting charge times.

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